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Queso Sedda - Fiore Sardo DOP Gavoi | Company
Queso di Sedda Pier Gavino. Commercio all'ingrosso di formaggio Fiore Sardo

The Company

the birth of our Fiore Sardo.

L'Azienda Queso, produttrice di Fiore Sardo DOP Gavoi

My company deals with the selection and wholesale trade of PDO Fiore Sardo cheese and other goat's cheese.
I have considerable experience in the field, due to family tradition: My father was first of all manufacturer, then wholesaler and cheese ripener of Gavoi cheese.
I take care of the selection, assure the quality of the products I sell, I take care of packaging and shipment.
Among the wholesale buyers with whom I have relationships there are many companies especially in Puglia, Sardinia, Piedmont, Lazio, Veneto, Lombardy.

We can provide from small to large quantities of Fiore Sardo, always trying to provide the most suitable products to the market, satisfying the customer's tastes.
Gavoi town of central Sardinia, is the largest center of production and ripening of Fiore Sardo handmade by pastors who have average holdings of 50 hectares.
My company prefers to sell the Fiore Sardo PDO cheese produced manually using traditional craft techniques, where the smoke is a must and the maturing takes place in the warehouses of the countries that have historically produced it. (Ollollai Barbagia).

The cheese is cured at room temperature, continuously manipulated and anointed with olive oil by hand, with frequent changes of air that allow the cheese to have a unique characteristic flavor and aroma.